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Hey ^^ What are the current requests you have now ? I'm looking forward to them ,^^ Hwaiting !

You can check out how many requests we have left by clicking on the ‘requests’ link on the right hand side of the page.

-Admin V

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I wish there was an Infinite Pic Fic like this, you guys do such a great job at filling my EXO picfic addiction. Such great work from all the submissons and admins!! I love it!

Thanks very much!^^

There are a lot of blogs that write Infinite scenarios. You just gotta search for them. You can go on to the various directories or just Google (that’s what I usually do for my Hoya smut fix xD). Here, I’ll help you get started. Here’s a list of some Infinite scenarios that I read:

These aren’t whole fics but I enjoy them nonetheless.

Hope this helps!

-Admin V

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Sehun written by . Thanks for the submission!

AUTHOR’S NOTE: In this story, you’re also an idol. Hope you guys like it! x)


You were casually scrolling through your computer, bored out of your mind as you waited for Sehun to come back from completing his busy schedule. Suddenly, you heard a loud slam that caused the whole apartment to shake. You jumped out of your skin at the sound of the intrusion. You went to the door to check who caused the noise when you saw your boyfriend, looking so angry you swore you could see the dark aura coming out of his body. You approached him with caution, afraid of the side of him that you’ve never seen before.

“Sehun..? Are you okay..? Did something happen?“

Your questions seemed to make his anger intensify. Ignoring your question he walked around you to the kitchen, where he got a bottle of water from the fridge and drank it with great force, as if he wanted to murder the bottle. When he had enough, he slammed the bottle down onto the table, making you jump at the sudden movement once again.

“Why did you say what you said today on your broadcast?”

His tone sounded murderous. You were speechless, your mind still trying to process his strange attitude.


Slamming his hands on the table and turning around to look at you with a gaze that sent chills all over your body.

“What do you mean Sehun?” You asked nervously.

He laughed dryly and returned to his intense gaze after a few seconds. “Don’t treat me like I’m fucking stupid!“ He hissed at you.

“Sehun please… just calm down… I really don’t know what you’re talking about.”


Abruptly, Sehun turned around and punched his hand on the wall, hard, leaving a crack in the wall and causing the apartment to vibrate.

“Sehun please. You’re scaring me.” You whispered, trying to contain the fear and control your shaking body.

Sehun approached you, causing you to back away, fearing that you would suffer the same fate as the wall.

“You said on your broadcast today that you didn’t have a boyfriend. Not only that but you said that dating is a stupid idea when you’re an idol. “

Silence filled the room as you remembered the things you said on the broadcast.

“Sehun… you’re overreacting.. you know everything I said was just for the public.” “

Oh really? Because everything you said seemed pretty real to me when you told my manager the same thing.&l dquo;

“He almost found out we were dating Sehun! What was I supposed to say?!” This time it was you that yelled at him.

“THERE ARE MANY THINGS YOU CAN SAY INSTEAD OF SAYING DATING IS A STUPID IDEA. For example, when someone asked me if I was dating, I laughed and shrugged it off. I didn’t fucking say DATING WAS A STUPID IDEA.“

Sehun walked away towards the direction of your shared bedroom. Trying to stop him, you grabbed onto his arm,

“Wait Sehun, please. I panicked and I didn’t know what to say. I’m sorry!”

Sehun yanked your hand off his arm and turned around. Your heart stopped as you were stunned by the way he looked at you. Suddenly you didn’t recognize the man standing in front of you. The man who would constantly call you just to say a simple I love you despite his busy schedules. The man who would kiss every scratch and bruise on your body when you were injured. The man who you spent 2 yea rs of your life with. This man standing in front of you seemed like a complete stranger.

“Stop fucking apologizing. I hate it when you apologize. You always say sorry thinking that it can fix every goddamn thing. I’m so fed up with all the stupid things you say on broadcasts and shows. That’s your problem… you never think carefully before you say something!“

His words affected you like venom through your veins.

“Sehun, please forgive me… give me another chance. I’ll do better next time. I promise!" Tears trailing down your cheeks, as you pleaded.

“NO! I’m done with forgiving you after every mistake you make. You never learn! It’s over between us.”

As you heard those last words leave his mouth, you felt your world around you crumble. You suddenly found it very hard to breathe. You regained your senses when you saw Sehun walking to the door to le ave the apartment.

“SEHUN! WAIT! PLEASE! Don’t give up on me. Don’t give up on us. I love you!“ You tried to reason with him as your voice cracked from all the emotions building up from inside your body.

Sehun stood by the door as if he was contemplating what was the right the right thing to do. To stay with you or to leave you. After a few minutes of dead silence Sehun finally spoke.

“Sorry, but I don’t want to be one of your stupid ideas.”

With those words, Sehun walked away from you. From your life. Forever.

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Tip for those who didn't get the girl's role in Wolf: If you re-watch the Teaser that SM upload a looong time a go, you can see what's gonna be in part 2. She is Kai's girlfriend.


-Admin V

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Its funny that I can find your blog by putting in my fics names. I mean, all I need to do is type in "Krispaca" or "Rectum Roar" and I have so many results.

It’d be funny if something besides your fic came up. I wonder what the image search would give me.

…ehh, I don’t want to know.

-Admin V

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I think it's highly possible that there's actually a "story" that makes sense in Wolf, but that we'll have to wait for the missing pieces. It was quite obvious that not everything in the MV was explained, so...

Probably but it’s SM so we’re going to keep on waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and…

-Admin V

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I'm just so confused about the lead girl, I feel like maybe they could've possibly built on the idea that she's more than just some classmate. I don't know her role confuses me.

Completely agree. I think maybe the gang is after her but they started chasing Luhan because he got in their way. If we’re going along with this cliche MV, she’s “the one.”

-Admin V 

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Admin V it seems like you're the only active admin on this blog. Just saying.

Yes but I don’t mind. ^^

Real life comes before tumblr. I don’t mind holding the fort down until my fellow comrades return.

-Admin V

And I applaud you, Admin V. I’ll be back soon! <333

-Admin J

And for that, I owe Admin V big time.

But I too will be back shortly; real life is starting to slow down and the creative juices are itching to get out!

-Admin L

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OH LOL I did not notice there was more than one girl I kept seeing her and assumed my bad XD

Ahaha, no worries. I saw another post about there being only one girl in the whole class. You weren’t the only one who was misled. ^^

-Admin V

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Man, I had to go back and ctrl+f for ‘spicy.’ Re-read the line and now I’m craving Chipotle. Too bad there ain’t any in Vietnam. *sigh*

-Admin V

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